A Mining Giant Forged by the Spirit of NEVER GIVE UP


GRUPPO SEIPA, with 40 years of of experience and professional growth since its establishment in the 1970s, has now become a leading group in the mining sector and a prominent company in the treatment of special waste called “non-hazardous inert”. The increasing awareness of the public towards environmental protection has created a great need for exploring the disposal of inert material coming from urban construction and demolition, and undoubtedly, GRUPPO SEIPA is our best choice. Therefore, a talk was arranged between Private Entrepreneur and Mr.VALTER CIARAFFONI from GRUPPO SEIPA.

Private Entrepreneur (Hereinafter as PE): What are the major products of your company?

GRUPPO SEIPA: Inert materials of natural origin volcanic and recycled C&D, packaging and CLS concrete.

PE: How does the market react to those products?

GRUPPO SEIPA: The use and the applications of recycled products are rising sharply due to the increasing sensitivity towards the environment. In the last 12 months the mortars betonate made of recycled aggregates have achieved the production levels and quantities of the natural mixture that has been introduced on the market more than 10 years ago.

PE: What are the unique features of your products?

GRUPPO SEIPA: We take a lead in the quality of the natural aggregates among our competitors in the industry. Of course we certify all of our production processes and we give quality certificates to our customers. We do have a different situation for what concern recycled products: our quality is extremely superior due to the production processes we tested, developed and installed. We can address the waste C&D separately allowing certified products with quality and consistency in time. Besides that, we started different joint projects with the University “La Sapienza in Roma” patenting many products and processes, stimulating and promoting researches and studies.

PE: What are the major trends of the industry you are in?

GRUPPO SEIPA:The industry is always evolving, trying to find innovative solutions in the attempt to reduce production costs and of course the products costs for the customers.

PE:What are the key contributing factors to your success in the industry?

GRUPPO SEIPA:our success is attributed to our experience in the mining industry for over 40 years, and, in particular, many collaborations with research institutions, investments in machinery and human resources with particular attention to the environmental aspect have equipped us with enhanced productivity, inexhaustible creativity and customers’ recognition.

PE:What necessary advantages does a company need over its fierce competitors?

GRUPPO SEIPA:we think our advantages lie in the following aspects: innovative ideas, the capabilities to turn costs into qualified assets and never think to have reached the finish line.

PE: What are your brand strategy and sales promotion plan?

GRUPPO SEIPA:our strategy plan includes two main points : on one hand, we are trying to make more efficient production processes, lowing the energy costs and finding solutions to reuse whatever we can. This allows us to preserve the natural resources and introduce on the market cheaper products with the same quality. On the other hand we study and produce increased quality products recognized by the P.A. Both the moving lines are based on a direct promotion and communication on the final and qualified customer.

PE:What is the greatest challenge you have met in running your business and what is your solution?

GRUPPO SEIPA:The evolution of environmental legislation and laws in Italy is the everyday challenge for our Group. In the last 20 years new restrictive regulations have been introduced every two years under the direction of the European Union. We have to research and invest in technology to follow what is changing around us and sometimes to overpass it. All these are to follow the rule of survival of the fittest.

PE: What are the vision and goal of your company?

GRUPPO SEIPA:Re-use of inert waste products in the activity of C&D , giving them a new life in order to save natural resources, maintaining occupational standards and increasing the economical value of the group.

PE: What do you think are the indispensable qualities to a successful private entrepreneur?

GRUPPO SEIPA:Never give up in all directions.